Giggling Sisters Pie Shop

Back in Tucson, there used to be the best little pie shop, actually an art, conversation, and creative club house thatView full post »

One of the best restaurants in Greenville SC – and it’s in our “neighborhood” – Yea!

When we relocated to Greenville, SC in the spring of 2016, we heard about this great local restaurant around theView full post »

Are you a University of Arizona Football Fan?

University of Arizona football coach Rich Rodriguez was featured in a recent series promoting “Commitment”View full post »

Vantage West Credit Union – Volunteers

Vantage West Credit Union brought on the Advertising and Design team from WhyFor  to help them get the word out aboutView full post »

“Baaad Assed Elena” gots a bike.

It took a while for her to settle into the persona……. (she’s one of the sweetest people you’llView full post »

“The Gift” – video from our shoot with Sierra and Josh

Click on the image to see the video…. enjoy “The Gift”  View full post »

Sierra and Josh at Sabino Creek

Last January we did a still photo and video shoot with Sierra and Josh, then freshmen at U of A.  The had been highView full post »

Playing with Slate and Publishing Photo Books

We did a shoot of a local farrier John Russell…. It turned into a fun photo book and also this piece we didView full post »

Kauai – new friends

On a self assigned shoot in Kauai… we met this amazing couple.  They surf together, they play together, they liveView full post »

Putt Putt Golf…. Kids and Fun in Kauai

We had the pleasure of shooting at the Kauai Mini Golf & Anaina Hou Community Park.  What a lovely location andView full post »

On my summer vacation, I…

I am in the midst of delivering limited edition prints of selected images from this series. Let me know if youView full post »

The Contact Sheets: Project1: 4 Girls On Fourth Ave…

A New category… The Contact Sheets.  This is sort of a looser style of work. Created to showcase ideas and newView full post »

A recent Motion piece for Royal Automotive and Duck Soup Productions…

Kevin Anderson DP on Royal Auto Warranty Forever TV for web. Directed & edited by Doug Myers of Duck SoupView full post »

HeathCare: Up Close+ Personal

On a recent shoot for TMC, We did both Motion and Stills.  Done for Duck Soup Productions in Tucson, AZ.  View full post »

Dia De Los Muertes

Tucson has an amazing celebration called Dia De Los Muertes, Day of the Dead.  A parade that celebrates the ones thatView full post »


Behind the Scenes from lot’s of shoots…View full post »

Places to Work & Play… Do these invite you into the experience?

Here are a selection of images that are from several projects. I hope it shows how I like to explore visually theView full post »

Places + Spaces… A Resort Experience

A Large overview of some of the Resort + Hospitality work.View full post »

Real Faces

Here is a quick representation of some of my People photography. On location and in a studio situation. Enjoy!View full post »

Flash Back. Retro Period… Dust bowler in Full Digital Glory. Having Fun shooting music video!

Scott Griessel and I came up with an idea to create a music video for an amazing folk style singer from Tucson. TonyView full post »

Food + Folks that make it.

Chef Joel says… Joel Harrington, chef at the Ritz Carlton, Dove mountain, Tucson, AZ A shoot at the Ritz Carlton,View full post »

Ritz Carlton Shoot – Dove Mountain, Tucson.

Just had a blast completing a new shoot for the Dove Mountain location of Ritz Carlton Intl. We had a blast and hereView full post »

Hangin’ out in Flagstaff…

Just completed the final edits of a multi-day shoot in Flagstaff, AZ. We shot for NAU and our friends at Off MadisonView full post »

Various Video + Multimedia Projects

Recent videos created for various Tucson non-profit organizations.  Some were directed and produced by Scott GriesselView full post »

JTED teaching experience

This past weekend, I had the joy and privilege to work with an amazing group of kids. Two classes, two differentView full post »

Lifestyle photos… Let the Journey begin!

“Just chillin in San Diego” Just hanging out! On location in faraway lands or exotic experience at home.View full post »

Ted Degrazia Studio is an amazing place!

Images from the Ted Degrazia Studio and grounds. Amazing place.View full post »

Namoli Brennet Video Complete and now showing!

Grapes of Wrath_ Namoli Brennet from Kevin Anderson on Vimeo. Namoli Brennet video is done! Big Thank you to all theView full post »

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