About Me…

My name is Kevin Anderson and welcome to my blog. I hope you will take the time you enjoy the various sections and posts.

I am a Visual Storyteller. What is it? Why do I call myself that?

I take my skills as a visual artist and filmmaker and turn my lens towards people who are making a difference. ┬áIn unique ways, I create compelling images and multimedia projects that help explore and showcase the lives of people – in the businesses that they own and the goods an services they provide to their community.

Visual Storytelling distinctly communicates who you are.

Your visual story is a unique combination of dialog, video, graphics, images, and music that holds the attention of the audience and memorably conveys the essence of Who You Are. Visual stories portray people and corporations, and are particularly beneficial for promoting consultants and service organizations whose entire business depends on the public understanding their talents and remembering them when the need for their help arises.

My journey covers many types of projects. With different styles, I approach each project with passion and curiosity.

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Kevin Anderson


Kevin Anderson

Hero StoryTeller

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